Anne Staley’s Priorspark Oppostion Free second to go in the CCI2* dressage to score 46.6, he did a personal best and this was his first attempt at a CCI2* having just come back into work after some time off. His score was good enough to lead overnight and be 13th going into xc on Saturday.


CCI2* Rachel Telfer’s How Bazaar really stepped up to the mark in his dressage to score 50- which was marred by two stupid mistakes where I halted at the wrong letters… meaning that we lost 6 marks! I was obviously frustrated with myself having already ridden the test but thrilled with Buzz who held himself together so well and improved so much since Somerford Park CIC2*. He is very flashy now on the flat so I am excited about building on this over the winter.

We then had Sue Brankin Frisby’s Lupicorde in the 5yo championships. He did a good test for 32, he made no mistakes but just lacked that omph for the higher marks at this point in the season.

Last to go in the CCI2* dressage on Thursday was Anne’s Priorspark Precocious. Coco did a near foot perfect test in the deep arena from the horses that had already been that day to score 46.4 to go ahead of her stable mate Priorspark Oppostion Free. Which left her in 11th after dressage.



We started off with CICYH** Renaissance Man’s test first thing he struggled in the mud but tried really hard for 52. He is still working on his balance so I was pleased with the score.

5yo Lupicorde SJ, I as looking forward to jumping Ludo as he is a good jumper and reliable in this phase, so I was very disappointed to leave the ring with 2 poles down. Needless to say we weren’t the only ones having poles down but having said that he has only had one rail all season. We were hoping for a nice round cross country but frustratingly he had a look at the coffin which was influential in our class. ┬áLater on after going so well through the water we picked up another 20 at the corner coming home. He didn’t pick up the line but jumped it second time. Not the end we had hoped for but Ludo will have a nice holiday before coming in for dressage and SJ. I’m not too worried about the result and I’m looking forward to next year with him.

Lastly on Friday we had the Flint Syndicate’s Dick O Malley in the CCI2* dressage. He warmed up well and had been working so well all week I felt very confident. Unfortunately once we got into the arena the flags and atmosphere distracted him a little meaning little mistakes in the counter canter where he changed on both reins … so only scored 54! I was disappointed as it didn’t reflect how much he has improved this year.


Very busy!

Renaissance Man 7yo SJ. One pole and one disobedience meant that he got 8 plus time… which he didn’t really deserve.

Priorspark Op Free, clear 2* XC- after being chased by a dog through the first water which was not ideal. Picking up 6 time faults

How Bazaar, clear 2* XC… we went a couple of planned long routes for his experience at this level. He gained in confidence and hopefully learnt a lot from the track.

Priorspark Precocious clear… but she jumped too boldly over part 7A the angled rail and when I went to make the turn she was arguing too much that’s she didn’t read the corner out so we missed our line and ended up in the middle of the corner taking down the frangible pins… she is a good cross country horse and I should have jumped the straight route.

Dick O Malley last to go on the course, I had my best round on him although going long at the water to be safe that I got my qualifying clear round – he was scopey and good everywhere! Very exciting to have four good horses at this level.


Renaissance Man picked up 20 at the corner coming home after jumping so well.

All the 2* horses had a rail in the SJ due to the ground being tricky.

Very pleased with all of them and looking forward to next season!


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